Causes and Cures for Hives

Hives, also known as urticaria, is a skin condition that can make the skin look swollen and reddish due to the bumps. There are certain causes why people suffer from hives and one of the most common causes is food allergy. Aside from that, you may also suffer from hives due to an autoimmune disorder, drug allergy or a viral infection. On the other hand, overexposure to friction and sunlight, and temperature changes are the least common causes of hives.

Common Causes of Hives

Infectious Disease – certain infectious diseases my cause hives and it can last even longer than what you expected. These infectious diseases can be mastocytosis, carcinoma, mononucleosis, lupus and rheumatic fever.

Allergens – there are several allergies which may result to the development of hives as well, including medicinal and food allergies, and pollen allergies as well as certain particles or elements.

These allergies can make your body release histamines that can affect your immune system’s proper functioning. Your body’s reaction to it can pose as hives and as a result, your body may get inflamed and itchy.

On Contact – other causes of hives can be due to latex, cosmetics, insect stings, hair bleach products and plants.

Common Medical Cures for Hives

If the symptoms of your hives condition last longer than you expected, then make sure to visit your physician. Upon diagnosis, your physician can prescribe you with certain medicines which can cure hives. Here are some examples of the most common cures for hives:

Adrenal Corticosteroid – this can be used as treatment for chronic hives condition and this can also help you recover from it faster.

Antihistamine – certain antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, cimetidine, and hydroxyzine hydrochloride are often suggested by most physicians, as these can help stabilize your immune system and treat hives condition at the same time.

Epinephrine – recurring episodes of hives may happen to some people and this is often due to their negligence when it comes to proper treatment. If this is the case, epinephrines are given to the patient to cure the hives.